Monday, September 28, 2009

Charliefrankie will share articles, pages, fashion & photography from magazines all around the world and put them in one place - look forward to sharing it with you.


melanie colhoun said...

Hey gorgeous girl this is what I posted on my facebook page .... "If you want to learn about style, intelligence, sensitivity and beauty then subscribe to this blog ... charliedotfrankie can show you the way ..... with love." Ella you can so do this! Your blog (so far) screams of YOU! You have a gift, you truly do, it oozes out of you. I saw it the first day that you walked into my office. You ARE special and it really is time that you accepted and embraced that fact. Please just have some fun and enjoy being you! And,(I know that this is important to you too) you really can help others to enjoy being who they are and to have some fun with being a woman and enjoying fashion ... best of luck sweet thing.

charliefrankie said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for your lovely words and encouragement and please don't think I'm rude by not responding to you earlier! After all this time, I finally logged back into Charliefrankie (after months of trying to figure out my password) and only now have discovered your comment! Thank you for your posting, they are such great words of encouragement and delight, it gives me determination to getting this blog going again. Thank you! Stay tuned for Charliefrankie! Thanks for believing in me. x