Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 2

ELLE magazine
第二天 - Day 2

I arrive at the Elle office for my second day at the leisurely time of 10:30am, hours I can get easily used to, and spend the morning flicking through past and current editions of Elle magazine from all around the world, Spain, France, Italy… there is a cupboard full dedicated to various editions - a magazine library in which to indulge to your hearts content, fabulous! 

Much of my afternoon and other Fashion Editors is spent looking at fashion websites, Chanel, Dior etc, for inspiration and ideas for the next issue.  I takes me a little while to remember this is actually considered as work… research, and my usual response to self after dreamily flicking through glossy magazine pages or websites of “OK, (sigh) better get back to work” is not warranted here because I am doing my work!

I have a direct view of Shanghai’s Pearl Tower from my office desk, (I’m excited by both; that fact that I have my own desk and of course the brilliant view).  I get talking to a few people around the office, one girl is on placement from school that’s been here for over a month and I’m grateful to get some insight from her into what she does every day and why she’s here.  I learn quite a bit, including that her interests are nothing to do with being in the fashion industry, so when my excitement about experiencing the magazine industry is shared with her I think she finds my enthusiasm… different.

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Anonymous said...

Too many 'why not me?' stories out there today,'s great to read exciting, happy and funny personal stories. Thank you Charliefrankie. I look forward to your day three events at Elle.