Monday, June 21, 2010

Letter from Charliefrankie

Baggy pants, also reffered to by some, such as my husband, as nappy pants.. You know the pants that have the baggy front and behind with skinny legs? Interestingly enough girls love to wear them because theyr're comfortable and extremely practical during the winter months when one eat's that little bit extra to insulate yourself from the bitter winter cold. I was surprised to read in a recent newspaper a column compiled by a female that baggy pants were not favoured by most men because they lacked visibility of the female figure. 

I don't think I've ever dressed for the comfort of other men but for the comfort of myself, so I found the comment made by the male, that they simply don't like these pants was quite a shock. Although I may have an extra layer of insulation this winter, I'd rather feel comfortable and hide my lower half behind my baggy nappy pants than to shamefully try to squeeze in to my skinny jeans and display muffin tops. 

Take your pick boys, but I'm sure both parties will be much happier if they can have their cake and eat it too.

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