Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 4

ELLE magazine
第四天 - Day 4

Day 4                                                                             Thursday October 15, 2009

Today is filled with unpacking deliveries from the fashion houses we visited yesterday, admiring all the clothes we picked and trying beautiful shoes on!  Shoes, shoes, shoes, Chanel, Fendi, Feragamo, Gucci and Jimmy Choo – woo hoo!

Lots of happy snaps are taken today of expensive and nice shoes which were on my feet.  The last box we were waiting on to unpack was Dior, but I left before it arrived.  Among the joys and fun, it was a funny old day, I had a few tears as well and a call from an aunty back in Oz calling just to see how I was and tell me she loved me, which made me cry even more.  Although having this great experience at a fabulous fashion magazine, it was hard not speaking the language as the interns were talking between themselves in Chinese, I wanted a pick me up and couldn’t get through on the Chinese network to my husband’s mobile, I felt somewhat sad, I was foreigner in an energetic city where everyone around me was having a fun, happy time while I felt down in a city that was buzzing with excitement.  I was being hard on myself and I put it down to having a bad day and feeling tired from not getting enough sleep.  Big bags had taken a gathering under my eyes and while this experience is full of charm, fun and dreams it is also heart wrenching and real, bringing up things from inside that you buried deep before but somehow resurface in the most unsuspecting times.  I was walking along Nanjing Lu trying to hide the tears welling in my eyes and tricking down my cheeks behind an oversized pair of sunglasses.  The sun was bright and shining, it was warm and everyone around me was happy and I felt like pouring my heart out… I just wanted some love from someone… anyone…?  Yes, I was having a moment, but after I stopped trying to push it away and just allow the feelings to be I felt better.  So I picked myself up headed back to the office for more ellexperience.

When I got back to the office I watched over the shoulders of the art design team as they put the pages of elle magazine together.  It was interesting to see they use InDesign and Mac computers with huge screens and it was exciting to see the pages of the magazine come together, I loved it and the photos were fantastic!

There is a wall stacked with Elle magazines from around the world.  I had my eye out for Poland, but couldn’t find it.  The ones I liked the most were from France, Italy, Korea and Spain.  The Elle UK edition was a nice one to read for a change to something I could understand and connect with.

There is a great view of the Pearl tower from the office, it is brilliant.  It reminds me to be in the moment and capture the experience I'm having.  The events of the day have made me feel sleepy, I just hope to have a good night’s rest tonight and dissolve the bag imprint under my eyes.

p.s wait to you see photos of the great shoes I tried on today!

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