Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ugg-terly embarrassing

Miss Universe entrant Jesinta Campbell wearing high-heeled Ugg Boots

The iconic ugg boot strikes back as part of a national costume in this years Miss Universe pageant.  Australia's Jesinta Campbell who is competing in next month's Miss Universe contest will showcase the high-heeled ugg boot by Sydney designer Natasha Dwyer as Australia's national costume.

Campbell, 18 who described the costume as "incredible" will wear an outback inspired outfit with a one-piece swimsuit hand painted by an aboriginal artist, a multi layered silk skirt, a lambswool shrug and high-helled ugg boots.

The costume has sparked controversial views with many expressing embarrassment over the choice of the ugg boots.  Is this a McLeods Daughters costume gone wrong?  Bogan boots.  A viking costume in the Miss Universe Pageant.... Yes, I agree, ugg boots should only be worn in private and not in the public domain.  To have them featured as a national costume is embarrassing, is that all Australia is known for?  It's either that or a pair of flip flops and a meat pie...

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