Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vogue Italia in 3D

When in Rome do as the Roman’s do and read this month’s issue of Vogue Italia with your 3d glasses on... do they come in Fendi? 

Miranda Kerr has not allowed her pregnancy to slow her modelling career by posing topless in a 3D shoot for Italian Vogue.

The Australian supermodel appears on the cover of this month's issue of the magazine with her Yorkie puppy Frankie (See photos)

She is believed to be the first supermodel to take part in a 3D magazine shoot.

Titled 'A Vision of Femininity', the series of images from photographer Steven Meisel show the Victoria's Secret model in various stages of undress, including a full frontal topless shot.

Two weeks ago the 27-year-old confirmed she was four months pregnant in the Spanish version of Vogue. (Read more: Kerr having a baby)

She married actor Orlando Bloom in a secret ceremony in the Caribbean in July.

One of the first major magazines to include three-dimensional photos, Vogue referred to 3D as a "new frontier".

"A magazine that escapes its own pages to become real in the hands of its readers," a statement from Vogue read.

"It reinvents itself and — first among fashion magazines — challenges, once again, the strict schemes of printed paper."

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Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like everything is turning 3D. Soon we'll all be walking around with a pair of ridiculous oversized glasses and look hideous. Maybe that's the new fashion trend for 2010-2011??