Thursday, December 2, 2010

Charliefrankie thoughts....

How do you figure out what you really want?  No, that's not what I want, no... that's not really it either... well what is it?

I sort of want this, with a bit of that and maybe I could have a bit of that other thing too?  O'h the confusion, no wonder we can't work out what we really want.  So many options, or is it for some a combination of limiting beliefs, self doubt and lack of trust.

Maybe you work it out through trial and error, an elimination process, list of pros and cons?.... or all of the above!

If there were more opportunities to be had, you could at least try these things out, have a taster of what it's like then make up your mind as to whether you want it in your life or not.  But what if the opportunities aren't there to begin with, then you just keep spinning around in this not knowing what you want cycle.  Modern people of today complain about there being too many choices, and whinge about gen Y having so many jobs, yes it's not ideal for the company to be churning through employees, and doesn't look so good on the gen Y CV, but at least they will have been exposed to many different environments, work places, people etc giving them exposure to variety and enabling them to choose what they really want to do in life... 

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