Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Coming of age.

Is it timely to be considering all issues of our life cycle as a birthday draws near?  “That time of year again” one side of the brain says, while another, like clockwork reflects on the things you have and haven’t done, achieved or flatly folded.  Birthdays have synonymously been a time of reflection, drawn to self-pity and judgment.  Another year older and still doing the same thing, still waiting on a pay rise, a promotion, an opportunity, a chance, a career….  Some people, more than others, place more importance on finding the right job, the right house, car, partner, clothes, hair cut… but what if you never end up finding it and you’ve spent all this time searching for it?  Is it worth the search?

The thing with searching is not appreciating what you’ve got in front of you.  Being in the moment and savoring the situation for all its glory, right here and now.  The people in your life, the one’s you love and the one’s you’d rather flick away.  The adventure of the search can be reveling.     

What happened to celebrating the coming of age?  A party where age is announced with excitement and pride, stating your age and proudly adding “and a half!”, making a birthday cake to display your age and being praised for being a year older.  Why not this year, make a birthday cake out of your age, with blue, red, pink, yellow icing and line it with smarties and marshmellows.... 

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